Safety issue my ass

Apparently, city buses are causing a "safety issue" for a few high end
shopping centers in Raleigh. Heaven forbid the soccer moms have to
encounter low income people when they are doing lunch with their
friends. I live about 10 minutes from one of these shopping centers,
and the bus stop that workers have to use is across a very busy highway
from the shopping center. What choice do these people have but to walk across the street to their jobs?  That seems like a bigger safety issue to me.

In all, three shopping centers have refused access to their property for city buses.  These thinly veiled attempts to get away with classism and racism make me sick.

More here and here.

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Footloose and fancy-free

Today is my first Saturday since I finished school for the semester.  It's funny that I'm not doing anything different than before.  Now I just don't have to feel guilty about sitting around reading and playing around online all morning.  I'm going for a walk with friend on the N.C. Art Museum leg of the Raleigh greenway in a little bit so I won't feel like such a lazy slob today.  Here's a photo I took one of the other times we've taken a walk over there.  They have some interesting art on the grounds of the museum.

Here is a picture I took to play around with the macro setting of my new camera (new at the time of the picture) last time we were there.

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Friday 5 – Wandering Around

Have you ever been out of your country?
Nope, unfortunately.  We plan to go to Ireland at some point though, and I also want to go to Italy and New Zealand.

What is your mode of transportation?

Have you ever eaten anything straight from nature? (caught a fish, had a garden, or picked an apple off a tree?)
My grandparents grew tomatoes, butter-beans, squash, and blueberries in their backyard.  Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes!

Tell us about some of the places you have lived.
I have only ever lived in North Carolina.  At my parents' house in my hometown and in various dorm rooms and apartments in Raleigh.  How boring am I?!  I really like it here though.

Show us a photo from a place…Any place!
It's the World's Largest Frying Pan in Rose Hill, NC!  My best friend and I randomly stumbled upon this when looking for a vineyard in Duplin County, NC.  We couldn't pass up a chance to get some pictures.  They actually cook a bunch of chickens in it during an annual festival.

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