This week in fab.

This week in life.

This was a really hectic week at work, even though it was only four days after working the weekend. I was not as good about exercise this week. I just have to make myself do it, but at night I really want to relax and read or veg out with Netflix after I get Margaret down and get things ready for the next day.

This weekend was fun. We had a Christmas party with our book club. There were a lot of kids there for Margaret to watch and “play with.” She’s still a bit young for them but loves to be around big kids. We had a great time with our friends since we were able to put her to bed in a pack and play at their house and stay a bit later than we would otherwise.

I ordered two card games based on episodes of Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop series: Gloom and Munchkin (the Space and Western ones). Dan and I played Gloom on Thursday night, and it was a lot of fun. I don’t think I can do the game justice so look it up or watch the Tabletop episode. It’s a twisted game full of dark humor.

This week in BabyFab.

Margaret hit two milestones this week. She clapped for the first time and took a step! We haven’t gotten her to repeat the step without holding our hands, but she’s a little more consistent with clapping.

She also continued to eat more table foods. I made turkey meatloaf, a favorite of ours, and she loved it! I ground up her portion and let her pick up some green beans to eat on her own.


Turkey meatloaf for mom and baby.

Unfortunately, a cough, teething, and reaction to the Amoxicillin for her ear infection made the latter part of her week a bit rough. Saturday, she only napped if I held her, and she was fussier than normal.


Naps with mommy.

Sunday was much better. She was back to playing, but still not eating as well as early in the week. Hopefully, she’ll be back to her old self once the effects from the medicine have subsided.


Shaking her shaker with the Nutcracker Suite.

This week in crafts.

I made a Christmas stocking for Margaret. I’ll post separately about this and another sewing project I’m getting ready to start later this week. Here is the almost finished product.


Margaret’s first Christmas stocking.

This week in books.

I’m still working on and enjoying The Cider House Rules. With our naps together on Saturday, I got a good bit of reading done. I’m probably about a fourth into the book now.

I finished the audio of The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball (loved it!) and I’m now returning to Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore, which is getting better at the halfway point.

I hope you have a great week!


Crafty Christmas

This might be the first time I’ve pinned something on Pinterest and actually followed through with it. I love this tutorial for retro Christmas stockings at Simply Notable.



I headed to a local fabric store yesterday and picked up these fabrics. I apologize for the crappy lighting. It is cloudy this morning, and I’ll never post this if I don’t do it when I have time. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the fabric on the far right is greenish-blue.


I already have these fabrics in my stash that I think I’ll use as well:


The purpose 0f making these is for Margaret to have a special stocking so I plan to make hers first in case the others aren’t finished before Christmas (which is highly likely). I think the fabric combo below is the one I’ll use for hers. I love that print with the little girl having tea. That will be the body of the stocking, and the cross stitch print will be the cuff. I plan to make the loop out of one of the fabrics rather than using a ribbon as the tutorial instructs. I think that will last longer and wash better if needed.


I just cut out the pattern pieces last night, and it is quite a bit larger than I expected, but that will be nice when we’re trying to find stocking stuffers that will fit I suppose. I hope to have a stocking to show off by the end of the week!