This week in fab.

This week in life.

This was a really hectic week at work, even though it was only four days after working the weekend. I was not as good about exercise this week. I just have to make myself do it, but at night I really want to relax and read or veg out with Netflix after I get Margaret down and get things ready for the next day.

This weekend was fun. We had a Christmas party with our book club. There were a lot of kids there for Margaret to watch and “play with.” She’s still a bit young for them but loves to be around big kids. We had a great time with our friends since we were able to put her to bed in a pack and play at their house and stay a bit later than we would otherwise.

I ordered two card games based on episodes of Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop series: Gloom and Munchkin (the Space and Western ones). Dan and I played Gloom on Thursday night, and it was a lot of fun. I don’t think I can do the game justice so look it up or watch the Tabletop episode. It’s a twisted game full of dark humor.

This week in BabyFab.

Margaret hit two milestones this week. She clapped for the first time and took a step! We haven’t gotten her to repeat the step without holding our hands, but she’s a little more consistent with clapping.

She also continued to eat more table foods. I made turkey meatloaf, a favorite of ours, and she loved it! I ground up her portion and let her pick up some green beans to eat on her own.


Turkey meatloaf for mom and baby.

Unfortunately, a cough, teething, and reaction to the Amoxicillin for her ear infection made the latter part of her week a bit rough. Saturday, she only napped if I held her, and she was fussier than normal.


Naps with mommy.

Sunday was much better. She was back to playing, but still not eating as well as early in the week. Hopefully, she’ll be back to her old self once the effects from the medicine have subsided.


Shaking her shaker with the Nutcracker Suite.

This week in crafts.

I made a Christmas stocking for Margaret. I’ll post separately about this and another sewing project I’m getting ready to start later this week. Here is the almost finished product.


Margaret’s first Christmas stocking.

This week in books.

I’m still working on and enjoying The Cider House Rules. With our naps together on Saturday, I got a good bit of reading done. I’m probably about a fourth into the book now.

I finished the audio of The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball (loved it!) and I’m now returning to Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore, which is getting better at the halfway point.

I hope you have a great week!



Even though I noted in my last post that I didn’t want this to be just a “mommy blog,” it would be difficult for me to write about my life at the moment without discussing parenthood. I don’t think I can quite put into words what the first month or so of being a mother is like because it is such a haze of sleeplessness and emotion (because you have a baby and because your hormones are going insane). I’m convinced that most of the time and energy people spend on planning their “birth experience” would be better spent learning about what comes immediately after. Because the labor and delivery come and go, but the baby is here to stay.

I’ll talk a little about the reality of day-to-day life now that my maternity leave is over and Dan is back at work after taking six weeks off to bridge the gap between my leave and the start of daycare. The first week of daycare was rough on everyone. Margaret had developed major stranger anxiety to the point that even people who she was happy with before could no longer hold her. So leaving her there that first day was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. However, just two weeks into daycare, she is already much better about letting other people hold her and play with her. I’m pretty confident that she needed the socialization she’s getting there because she was getting so used to only seeing mom and dad on a daily basis. Also, even though I miss Margaret when I’m at work, I feel more like myself now that I actually leave the house every day and talk to other adults. One day, I will feel even more like myself when BabyFab decides to sleep through the night. A long stretch of consecutive sleep to me now is 5 hours. This does not happen very often.

One major change (other than a dramatic reduction in free time) with becoming a working parent is the need to be proactive and organized. I have no choice but to have my lunch, pumping supplies, work clothes, and the baby’s milk ready before I go to bed or we would not make it out of the house in the morning. One thing I’m really trying to work on is not sitting down and farting around aimlessly online after all of this is done. I would prefer reading or knitting to playing online, but it is so easy to just waste this short span of time when you’ve been either working or parenting all day.

I am truly grateful for the strong relationship Dan and I have with each other. I cannot fathom how single parents or parents with partners who don’t pull equal weight survive parenthood. Monday through Wednesday, one of us works in the evening so we get a small taste of single parenting on those days. It is not easy, but it definitely makes me cherish the time that the three of us get to spend together as a family.

The huge upheaval resulting from having a baby has definitely been worth it to me. It is so cool to watch her change and grow every day. I can’t believe how quickly she acquires new skills. And meeting your baby that first day is pretty awesome.


First night together.


Nursery fun.

In case you missed the Twitter announcement, BabyFab is a girl! After finding that out, we can now begin to decorate the nursery. My intention was never to have pink for a girl and blue for a boy, but I do want some feminine touches. This is what we have so far. My mother-in-law generously purchased our crib, which should be delivered this week. We chose this one, the DaVinci Kalani. White seems to be the trend for baby furniture these days, but we both prefer the Mission Style look of this cherry crib.

When shopping for bedding, I found that the only bedding that suits my tastes (Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn) would cost more than the crib! Also, the crib sets all come with bumpers, which have been known to be hazardous for some time now. I hate to pay for something that is useless so decided to sew my own crib skirt out of this Amy Butler fabric that I ordered last night and buy or register for solid color sheets to match.We live in a house built in the 1960’s so the retro style looks especially good.

I may also try my hand at making a baby quilt out of the charm pack below since it will look nice with this fabric. FYI – For the non-sewers, a charm pack is a package of pre-cut fabric squares. You save money since you get a bunch of different patterns without having to buy yardage and save time by not having to do much cutting. That wouldn’t go in the crib, but I could use it in the car seat or rocker. I’m also in the middle of knitting this baby blanket, which will be a small car seat/stroller sized blanket.

I found this adorable print on Etsy of a little girl reading with a furry orange monster and had to order it so that’s one piece of decoration we have. My talented BFF also offered to paint some fairy tale themed art for the room, and I’m super excited about that. So I have ideas and have gotten started on a few things, but hopefully it will all come together by the end of February!

And Baby Makes Three

Some of you may have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet on social media lately. Well on Twitter, not on my blog, which has been sorely neglected for some time now. I’ve been busy sleeping and feeling tired all the time because I’m pregnant! Baby Fabulous is due on February 26, 2012, and I’m just finishing up the first trimester. I can finally tell the internets now since I’ve seen the ultrasound and there really is a baby in there. I’m feeling much better now that I’m past the nausea of the first trimester. Now I just have two new hobbies: sleeping and eating. I’ve been wanting to do some exercise but pregnancy and a heat wave don’t inspire much activity. I’m dreaming of Fall.

I’m learning that pregnancy means that strangers will ask you personal things without batting an eye. Of course, I have no intention of answering personal questions so I hope they are ready for disappointment. Also, the world would love to shut pregnant women in a quiet room and not let them do anything at all. There are so many  so-called rules that are “just in case this might hurt the baby” with no scientific evidence to back them up. I spend so much time looking for actual reputable information that comes from real doctors and scientists. Luckily, I have a great doctor who is calm and not fear-mongering or “woo” at all.

I will probably blog more about the pregnancy and planning for the arrival as things move along. I also have a bunch of mini book reviews to post that will be up soon. So wish me luck that the baby decides not to take this route into the world. The thought of childbirth has always conjured up this image for me.