Working out again and a review.

Hello, long time no see! For several reasons, this past weekend I started working out and watching my diet again. At my physical, my doctor noted that my HDL levels are in the normal range, but could be higher. The best way to improve that number is exercise so he is going to check back with me in 6 months to see if I’ve been able to improve it with lifestyle changes. Also, in the past two months I gained around 5 pounds due to BabyFab’s decreased nursing. I guess I have to start eating like a normal person again without the extra calorie burn! For diet, I’m using the tried and true Weight Watchers plan. It has always worked for me, and I like the apps on my iPhone and iPad for easy tracking.

For exercise, I am using Fitness Blender’s 8 Week Fat Loss Program.


I stumbled upon the Fitness Blender YouTube channel one day when I was looking for a quick warm-up to follow before going for a run. Wow, it is amazing how high quality the free workouts they have created are! Unlike some of the other online fitness gurus who shall remain nameless, they are not selling sex. They are personal trainers who are fit and attractive, but are attainable role models. The videos are simple with a white background and a voice over explaning the exercises. Also, they are tough! Once I tried a few different workouts, I decided to spring for one of their $6 ebooks that give you an 8 week training plan to follow. It’s nice to just do whatever workout they say on any given day and not have to plan out my exercise on my own. The equipment required is minimal. So far, I’ve just needed dumbbells, an exercise mat, and something to use as a weight bench.

The first day of the program was a fitness test, which was nice because I’ll have something to compare with after I finish to see my progress. I don’t really need to lose more than a few pounds at this point so it will be important to have other benchmarks for progress. So far I’ve done a (super intense) cardio/abs workout and an arms/shoulders workout. Their warm-ups are nice and effective, and I really loved the pilates cool down after the strength workout last night.

I will update you as I progress through the program. So far, it is a lot of bang for the buck when you think about the cost of a Beach Body program, which only gives you one set of videos to repeat over and over. Those programs (I’m thinking of P90X and Chalene Johnson’s programs) work, but I enjoy the gimmick-free videos from Fitness Blender. Nothing to roll my eyes at! Daniel and Kelli are providing some really high quality fitness content and using the internet to its fullest extent with their offerings.

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