Crafty Christmas

This might be the first time I’ve pinned something on Pinterest and actually followed through with it. I love this tutorial for retro Christmas stockings at Simply Notable.



I headed to a local fabric store yesterday and picked up these fabrics. I apologize for the crappy lighting. It is cloudy this morning, and I’ll never post this if I don’t do it when I have time. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the fabric on the far right is greenish-blue.


I already have these fabrics in my stash that I think I’ll use as well:


The purpose 0f making these is for Margaret to have a special stocking so I plan to make hers first in case the others aren’t finished before Christmas (which is highly likely). I think the fabric combo below is the one I’ll use for hers. I love that print with the little girl having tea. That will be the body of the stocking, and the cross stitch print will be the cuff. I plan to make the loop out of one of the fabrics rather than using a ribbon as the tutorial instructs. I think that will last longer and wash better if needed.


I just cut out the pattern pieces last night, and it is quite a bit larger than I expected, but that will be nice when we’re trying to find stocking stuffers that will fit I suppose. I hope to have a stocking to show off by the end of the week!


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