This week in fab.

Let’s see if I can manage to post once a week. I like the idea of a Sunday weekly recap.

This week in life.

I have been trying to exercise somewhat regularly for the past two weeks. I’ve worked up to running 2 miles continuously. I had been doing Couch to 5K to get back into running after baby, but that ended up being a waste of time because I can run 2 miles (as exhibited on Friday) with no problem, even though I haven’t been running. I find myself getting really stressed and squirmy when I don’t get to run so I’m trying to make it a priority as much as I can.

This week in BabyFab.

BabyFab seems to be getting ready to walk a little. She stands independently, and is starting to stretch to cruise between some pretty wide gaps. Tonight at my cousins’ house for Hanukkah, she was doing some major independent standing and almost walking. I am not sure if this is an entirely good thing. Early crawling did not make our lives easier so I don’t expect the progression to walking to be any better. It will be fun at least!

Her "Nothing can stop me" shirt is appropriate to this toy. @citizengeek

Nothing can stop me.

We’re starting to give her more table foods as well. I made Pasta Fagioli this week since the noodles and beans get really soft in the soup. The first night I just fed it to her whole and let her pick some up off the high chair tray, but she gets tired of the effort so I’ve been giving some to her that way for practice and doing a quick blend (not a thin puree) with the stick blender so she can actually eat enough food before she gives up.

Pasta Fagioli for parents and baby.

Pasta Fagioli for parents and baby.


Get in my belly!

This week in books.

I’m currently reading The Cider House Rules by John Irving, and it is nothing short of amazing. Due to the length and my limited reading time, I’ll probably still be reading this when Margaret is 2 years old. I had gone too far in this life without reading anything by Irving, and now I can’t wait to read his other work as well.

I’m listening to The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. It is a really interesting memoir about a big city girl moving to upstate NY to start a farm/CSA with her fiance.

This week in media.

We had our annual viewing of Love, Actually last night. Seriously, how can one movie be so full of awesome?! I watch this throughout the year but have to get one holiday season viewing in.

I’m pretty much down to How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory for new TV. HIMYM is getting pretty tired. It’s the last season so I want to watch it to the end, but it has lost something. Big Bang Theory is still consistently enjoyable. This week’s episode was hilarious, and Raj has had some hilarious lines lately. Amy sometimes annoys me, but “You want to spank me?” this week was perfect.

I have been watching Frasier on Netflix, and it is so much funnier now than when I used to watch it. I always enjoyed the sitcom, but some of the jokes are more humorous from an adult’s perspective.

What have you been up to this week?


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