Living Room Redecoration: Before

This post is the first in a series of posts highlighting the process of decorating various rooms in our house. The first room is the one that needs the most work, our living room.

The title of this post should really be decorating not REdecorating because we’ve never done any decorating in this room since we moved in a few years ago. We finally ordered new furniture that is actually being delivered tomorrow (after ordering furniture from a store that filed for bankruptcy last year and never getting it).

As you will see, our challenges in this room are copious amounts of wall space and the clutter that results from having a child. We don’t have a room that we want to use as a playroom, and we’d rather have her play in the room with the comfortable furniture anyway since we’ll be wherever she is. This means that we may not have the bookshelves in here that we would like to have since she could (and likely would) pull them down and hurt herself.

Here is a rather rambly video of me showing the room before we get our new furniture. I’ll do another one when the room is finished, and possibly one or two in between while we’re decorating around the new furniture.


6 thoughts on “Living Room Redecoration: Before

  1. Fun! That’ll be nice to have a den for multiple chilling out spots.

    Maybe you guys can have a family portrait done and that can hang on the walls? :). Etsy is also a good source for prints.

    • We are planning to get a family portrait soon. I just need a haircut first. We have a few things framed that we just need to hang, like some wedding photos and some art from a coworker of mine. Hopefully, things will start filling up soon.

  2. How exciting! I can’t wait to buy a house that I want to invest in, rentals just don’t do it for me. Congrats on finally being able to do it! I’m anxiously awaiting the next video 😀

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