The Future of Bookishly Fabulous

I think it is quite obvious that I have abandonded this blog over the past few years. I would like to revitalize it rather than let it sink into the dregs of the intertubes. As Twitter became more popular, I became less and less likely to post here. However, the main reason the posts here have dwindled is that book blogging is no longer a “fun” pursuit for me. My work involves quite a bit of writing about books so, even though I enjoy this writing, I don’t want to go home and do it in my limited free time. So, while I plan to post about books that I find extremely notable, I am discontinuing the reviews of every book I read. For that, you can visit my Goodreads page.

The focus of this blog (as much as there has ever been one) will change just a bit. Rather than being a book blog where I occasionally post about other things, it will become a lifestyle blog, for lack of a better word. I plan to blog about my life and being a new mom, but I don’t want this to just be a mommy blog anymore than I want to just be a mommy. So stay tuned, I plan to actually use this space!

I was tempted to start fresh with a whole new site, but I think I’ll stay here in my old home and make some renovations. I’m going to start small and try to post twice a week.

And now for a random picture of BabyFab:

6 thoughts on “The Future of Bookishly Fabulous

  1. I love this layout! I almost used it 🙂

    I feel the same way about blogging every book review–sometimes I don’t really want to talk much about a book, mainly if I didn’t enjoy it much or felt neutral about it. I just don’t have much to say about certain reads and I think it’s more worthwhile to blog about the ones that you either really loved or really loathed, hehe.

    BabyFab is getting so big! OMG too cute.

  2. Welcome back! I blog more now at my realme WP but I still sign in every few days (like it has been 3 days) and I’m happy to see you! And BabyFab is well, fab–of course!

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