2010: My year in reading

Now that I have crammed six months of book reviews into one week I can compose my annual “year in reading” post for 2010. I will write a post about my favorite books read in 2010 soon. Here are the numbers:

  • Number of books read: 52
  • Longest book: Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  • Most challenging book: Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges
  • Books read for book club: 12
  • Young adult: 6
  • Fiction: 48
  • Nonfiction: 4
  • Author who I read the most: Tie between Anita Shreve and Kristin Cashore

2010 was my biggest reading year so far, which is surprising since I had no goal. I will continue reading without number goals because it really worked for me in 2010. There were months when the only book I read was the book club book and months when I read nonstop. There is no reason for me to feel guilty for deciding to spend all my free time knitting for a while because I have some arbitrary reading goal. In 2008, setting a 50 book reading goal really got me into the groove of reading a lot more than I was before, and that habit has persisted with no need for me to set a number every year. My hat goes off to those of you who read 100 books or more every year. I can’t knit and read at the same time so I’ll never read that many books in a year as long as I have to work for a living!

I bought a Nook this year, which has been a great investment so far. I love that I can have a bunch of books with me and not break my back carrying them around. It’s a great way to read classics I’ve been meaning to get to since they are free and easily accessed this way. I have definitely been taking advantage of my library’s ebook collection and putting in purchase requests to our collection management department for more. I was a hesitant convert to e-readers, but I have seen the light. I wouldn’t want cookbooks or knitting books in this format, but it is a great way to read novels.

My reading goals for 2011:

  1. Continue to restrict myself to reading no more than two books in a row by the same author. This really helped with “series fatigue” in 2010.
  2. Read more romances. This is the one genre I have trouble with for readers’ advisory at the library. I’m reading Smart Bitches, Trashy Books to close the gaps in my knowledge and will read some of their book suggestions this year.

4 thoughts on “2010: My year in reading

  1. Interesting on series fatigue. I read Frankenstein I in 2 days, easy-trashy novel, right? It’s on week 2 for Frank II. I still like the concept but it’s just not whizzing by as much. I wonder if I should hop onto #3 (the last) after this or wait…

  2. I ran into that problem in 2009 with Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books. The main reason for getting tired of that series is that you start to see the repetition from one book to the next. I’m guessing the writing in Frankenstein is a bit better than those, but anything can get tiring if you like variety.

    • Yes, I really wish I had read his book one story at a time rather than all in one go. That would have given me time to really think about one story before moving on to the next rather than reading them all in a row and missing the uniqueness of each one. Some of them were really good so I think I will go back and read them again and give myself time to ruminate.

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