Sock it to me!

My newest knitting obsession is socks. Now that I have the sock knitting bug, I feel like I have to have a pair going all the time. They are great portable knitting projects to just grab on the way out the door. I knit on them whenever I’m watching TV or waiting in some sort of office for something. The only problem is that the small needles make my hands hurt after a while so I keep some other projects going also that use larger needles. I’ll do another post about my non-sock projects.

My first two pairs are from a basic “vanilla” sock pattern from Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

Here is my first pair out of Misti Alpaca Hand Painted:


This is my second pair out of Knit One Crochet Too Crock O’ Dye. I actually think these socks are more comfortable than the rainbow ones. The fiber content is really good for socks.


When I finished these, I was looking on Ravelry for patterns to use up leftover sock yarn, and it hit me to make baby socks for a friend who is expecting. They came out really well. I like how they look like miniature adult socks rather than baby booties. I have to say that it is really nice to finish a pair of socks in hours compared to weeks for a pair of adult socks! I had her shower at my house tonight, and she really loved these. I’ll probably make another pair after I finish my current pair of adult socks. They are out of the pink version of this same yarn. They would be really cute out of the Misti Alpaca rainbow yarn, but it isn’t superwash so would be impractical for a new mom. This pattern is Leftovers Baby Socks by Matthew Hesson-McInnis.




10 thoughts on “Sock it to me!

  1. Hrm…wonder if baby booties are harder than socks? I thought they’d be easier and that’s why I gave up when I couldn’t do a bootie.

  2. I want to try baby booties! I’m almost done with my second pair of socks and thought perhaps I was losing my sock knitting mojo. But seeing your progress is helping me keep my knitting head on straight!! (I’m Laura’s mom by the way).

  3. I’ve really got to sit down and learn to knit, I’m so envious every time I see what you – and many of my other friends – are making because it looks like such fun and functional use of time. These look great! I love the rainbow colors!!!

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