Frivolous Friday: The Town

Sunday night, Dan and I went to see The Town. We thought Sunday night would be a quieter night at the movie theater, but it was packed. We both really enjoyed the movie. Ben Affleck directed and starred in this movie, and I thought he did a really good job of both. If you haven’t seen the trailer, The Town is about a bank robbery that ends up in a hostage situation with the bank manager, played by Rebecca Hall. She doesn’t realize that Ben Affleck’s character was one of the men who held her hostage and they start a relationship. No one in The Town is completely good or bad. It explores the grey area we all inhabit, and that made it much more realistic and interesting.

The part of the movie I thought was really well done was the very beginning when the bank is being robbed, and the manager is opening the vault for the robbers. The tension of this situation was conveyed in a way that made the audience feel it as well. I especially felt the tension because I used to work in a bank, and a bank employee’s worst fear is being held at gunpoint. It does really irritate me that there is always one stupid employee in movies who tries to outsmart the robber. You are told over and over as a bank employee that you do whatever the robber tells you to do with no exceptions. It’s not like it’s your money anyway so why risk your life?

I was really surprised at Blake Lively’s performance. She plays a coked-out single mother, and she did a great job. The accent wasn’t exactly spot on, but she played the character well. I see her as her character in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants so this was quite a turnaround!

Two thumbs up to The Town!

Oh, and a big two thumbs down to the couple who talked through the entire movie, causing me to get up and move to a seat where I couldn’t hear them. People like that are the reason I see most movies via Netflix at home.

One thought on “Frivolous Friday: The Town

  1. I also really enjoyed “The Town” — and Blake Lively blew me away! The whole time, though, I kept thinking “no amount of smeary eye-makeup makes her any less gorgeous!”

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