Movie Reviews – Netflix Instant Version

I’m going to post a few movie review posts so I thought I’d do one with some good things I’ve seen via Netflix Instant Watching. Their website could be easier to browse in my opinion so I always appreciate hearing about things people have found worth watching. These were all viewed in one marathon queue-busting session on Saturday while knitting socks and painting fingernails.

Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion

If you enjoy Galifianakis’s particular brand of humor, you’ll laugh at this routine. It was a bit different from the usual DVD routines that comedians put out in that it didn’t feel quite finished. Not every joke was a hit, but it did feel more like you were getting a typical performance, and not just the “best of” from his most recent tour. My favorite parts were the interview scenes with Zach’s “twin brother” and Brian Unger. These were genius, and Unger was fantastic as the straight man to Zach’s crazy brother. Also, any time when Zach was improvising with the audience was golden. Of course there is some very non-PC and adult humor so be careful if you have kids.


I heard about Timer on the Behind the Screened Door podcast. It’s a quirky independent film with an interesting premise. There are stores (that look a lot like Apple stores) where you can go and get a timer implanted in your wrist that will display a countdown to the day that you will meet your soul mate. When you meet them, both timers will beep and zero out. The main character’s timer is still blank because her soul mate has not gotten his timer yet.

The movie was really interesting in that it questioned how you would approach your love life if you could find out unequivocally who your soul mate was. You could fall in love with someone and know for sure that they were not “the one.” I really loved this movie, but I was just a bit disappointed with the ending. If you see it, please let me know what you think of the ending because Dan and I both agreed that it was not what we wanted. It’s a great “what if” movie, and it’s great for men and women because it has romance and a cool scifi element.

The September Issue

This movie has been in my queue for a while, and I’m not sure why. It’s exactly the kind of thing I love: an unprecedented glimpse into the fashion industry. It follows the process of putting together the September issue of Vogue magazine, which is the most important month of the year for any fashion magazine, let alone the fasion bible that is Vogue. I loved getting a look behind the cool public facade of Anna Wintour. She definitely isn’t the ice queen she is made out to be, she just knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t pull any punches with her staff. A man wouldn’t be criticized for this.

The surprising star of the documentary is Grace Coddington, a stylist for photo shoots. She has an amazing eye for the composition of a photograph, and I quite agreed with her frustration when Wintour took some of her most beautiful shots out of the magazine. They were just breathtaking. Her life story is really interesting as well.

There were portions of the documentary that showed the preparation for the cover shoot with Sienna Miller. They were really funny because you don’t think about how it must be to work with celebrities who are not as acquiescing as fashion models (not that they should be). I loved one staffer saying, “And of course she won’t think of cutting her hair,” as if Sienna’s sole concern is how she will look on the cover of Vogue.

I should also note that the physical DVD of this has a lot of extra footage. I just looked it up in my library’s catalog, and it might be worth putting in your DVD queue if you watch the instant watching version and would like to see more. I can’t wait for a copy to come in on hold for me at the library.


3 thoughts on “Movie Reviews – Netflix Instant Version

  1. Oh — I added “Timer” b/c it was one of those “if you liked this, you might like…” sort of suggestions. I thought it sounded pretty interesting and fun.

  2. Is it funny that I too have watched 2 out of 3 of these recently?? Oddly I watched a comedian too but it was Eddie Izzard. Gotta love drag queen political comedians…Timer was my fav btw

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