The Summer Before by Ann M. Martin

When I found out that Ann M. Martin was writing a prequel to the Baby-Sitters Club series, I was ridiculously excited. I have so many fond memories of reading this series when I was younger so I had to read this new installment. At first, it took a few pages to acclimate to the reading level since it is intended for a much younger audience, but I was enjoying my visit with old friends very quickly.

I finished The Summer Before in a few hours, and I immediately wanted to go back and read the first few books in the original series. I may do that in the future when I’m in need of some comfort reads. I wonder if today’s kids will enjoy this series as much as my friends and I did. There is no magic or other paranormal element. It is just a great series about a group of friends. I know they have republished the first few titles with updated covers and – I believe – updated fashion and technology.

I highly recommend reading The Summer Before if you were a big fan of this series as a child. I so enjoyed the nostalgic element of these characters I knew so well, and I hope I can convince some kids to check it out at the library.


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