Mixed Bag

1. Via Roger Ebert’s twitter feed, I found this blog post on The Fine Cut about the decline of the moviegoing experience due to rude audience members. I heartily agree with the writer, and I very rarely see movies in the theater these days unless there’s something I’ve been waiting for.  I’m also tired of the increasing length of movies.  Not everything needs to be an epic event that takes up half of your day.

2. I enjoyed this post from the LA Times Showtracker blog reviewing all of the Madonna performances on the last episode of Glee.  I especially agreed with this quote:

While Sue taking on “Vogue” was sure to be the moment fans were certain to talk about for days, Fox completely ruined the surprise by showing it a week early, leaving nothing for the episode. You can tell producers wanted this to be the highlight for viewers as it has the most lavish treatment, and it is one of those moments that you hear the judges talk about on “American Idol.” It fits so well in the episode, but I still can’t get over Fox letting this air earlier. Doesn’t change the fact that Sue absolutely went to work on this number – Kurt and Mercedes, I see you in the background getting your shine.

When I was watching the episode last week, I thought, “That would have been awesome if it was a surprise.”  You can tell it was meant to be by the writers.  Also, shame on Fox for moving Glee to follow American Idol.  It doesn’t need the help with ratings, and now the last few minutes get cut off my TiVo when AI runs over (how about we just cut off the end of that tired and burnt out show).  Now I know to add a few minutes to the scheduled Glee recordings on my TiVo.

3.  Another TV related link, this time from the NY Times about the resurgence of the popularity of sitcoms.  I love How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Accidentally on Purpose, and the New Adventures of Old Christine.  I got tired of drama so now the only hour-long shows I watch are Glee and Chuck, both comedies.  I’d rather read drama than watch it.

4.  Linda Holmes posts on the Monkey See blog about the History Channel’s “America: the Story of Us.”  I don’t get the History Channel anymore so I haven’t seen it, but I found her point interesting. 

But when you put out the first hour of a splashy new series that presumes to call itself “The Story Of Us,” and when nobody apparently even notices that you have included thirteen men and one woman in this hour of television, you have shot yourself in the foot before you even begin.

5.  Well, there is no 5.  This post sat for too long unposted, and I don’t have anything else to add.


3 thoughts on “Mixed Bag

  1. Good mixed bag. I completely agree about the aggravation of seeing films in the theater these days. As my TV has gotten better, I find that I don’t mind waiting to see something — or I wait til something is near the end of its run so maybe I won’t have to deal with anyone sitting near me.

    I also COMPLETELY agree about the “sneak-peak” of the Vogue video! What a waste — and what a joy that would have been during the episode if it was the first time being seen. I enjoyed that episode, but man, what a missed opportunity.

  2. I think networks spoil so much (movie trailers, too). One thing I like about LOST is that not once have I ever been spoiled by a commercial!

    Also, I’m glad to know there are others out there who watch HIMYM. 🙂

  3. I can’t figure out why they did the sneak peek of the vogue video either. Makes no sense to me. And I hate Glee being on Tuesdays. Opposite Lost is annoying and forces me to watch Glee on Wednesday anyway. I miss watching it live and chatting with people during it. It was one of the few (actually, just Glee and Lost) that I watched live.

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