Mixed Bag

1.  A few weeks ago, I shared Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project, a blog about a teacher eating school lunch every day to try to make people aware of what kids are eating (and it ain’t pretty).  A few days ago, she had a guest blogger who is notable because she is a high school student interested in improving school lunch.  The frustrating story of her efforts to simply get the list of ingredients from Aramark is here and her own personal blog is School Lunch: Subtract the Additives.

2.  Harvard University now has an iTunes U channel with lectures and lab demos (via Resource Shelf).  These might be interesting.  I’ve listened to a few iTunes U lectures before.

3.  On the AMC website, Science Fiction author, John Scalzi, describes the pros and cons of living in several popular fictional universes.  I would choose life on the Enterprise for access to the Holodeck alone.

4. I giggled about this xkcd comic for a while the other night.  Click the image to go to xkcd.com to see it bigger.  It has to be tiny to fit in a post.

5. “Is IMAX the Next New Coke?” – NPR’s Monkey See blog points to this article about how IMAX is branding smaller screens as IMAX screens, and customers will not know what size the screen will be until they’ve already paid for the ticket.  Scroll down to see the difference between a traditional IMAX screen and one of the newer ones.  That’s definitely not worth the extra money.  Buyer beware.


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