Booking Through Thursday – Sensual

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Which do you prefer? Lurid, fruity prose, awash in imagery and sensuous textures and colors? Or straight-forward, clean, simple prose?


I am definitely in the “clean, simple prose” camp.  Overly descriptive and flowery writing just drives me batty.  Two books that drove me insane with description were Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien and Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier.  I didn’t feel like anything really happened in either book, and I ended up reading the first and last sentence of each paragraph towards the end of those two novels just to finish them.  That was before I decided to stop finishing every book I start.

To me, Kurt Vonnegut’s novels exhibit writing perfection.  His writing is clever and brief, and I want to write down every other sentence of his books in my quote journal.

Going along with the sensual title of this week’s BTT, here’s a quote from Dorothy Parker on brevity:

Brevity is the soul of lingerie.

And Shakespeare’s original:

Brevity is the soul of wit.


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