Running and Fitness Report – February 2010

I’m a bit late with this report, but here you go:

  • Running: 70 miles
  • Swimming: 4000 meters
  • Core fitness workouts: 2
  • Lower body workouts: 2
  • Yoga sessions: 3
  • Pounds lost or gained: No idea


1.  My main accomplishment this month was the Virginia is for Lovers 14K.  I finished it in 1:50, which was a personal best for that distance because my pace was 12:38 overall.  For anything longer than 7 miles, my pace typically slows to 13:15 or so.  My race report is here.

2.  I stopped weighing myself until after the half-marathon.  It is just frustrating to run 20 miles one week and gain two pounds.  I refuse to keep being disappointed with my weight when I’m working so hard and eating well.

3.  Due to the increase in mileage in my training plan this month, I slacked off on cross-training.  My IT band has not acted up as a result so I’m not too worried.  After the half-marathon, I’ll add in more cross-training and do lower mileage runs.  The problem is that all of my runs now are at least 1 hour long and almost 3 hours for my long ones.  After that, I just don’t have time to come back and do strength training if I want to have dinner and enjoy at least some of my evening or weekend.

4.  We had a health fair at work last month where we got our blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI checked and then talked to a counselor about our numbers.  All of mine are excellent except my HDL.  It is 47, which is normal, but they prefer that women keep it above 50.  I talked to the lady to try to find out what I can change to improve this number.  Here is the conversation we had:

  • Me: “What can I do to improve my HDL?”
  • Mean lady: “You can start doing aerobic excercise.”
  • Me: “Well, I’m a runner already.”
  • Mean lady: “Do more.”
  • Me: “I run 20 miles a week. My marriage might fall apart if I spend any more time exercising.”
  • Mean lady, with a look on her face that she didn’t believe me: “Well, you can eat more fish and nuts.”
  • Me: “Thanks, have a nice day.”

So, anyway, I am eating more fish and taking an Omega-3 supplement now.  I also snack on almonds on my breaks at work.  We’ll see if that works.


5 thoughts on “Running and Fitness Report – February 2010

  1. Guess she hears people lie all day long and assumes everyone coming in is a lying asshole and treats stranger accordingly. Is she under a specific doctor? I’d make a call.

    I’ve only done that once–after, they were pleasant.

    I have a naturopath friend; have you visited health food stores? Some are better than others but any is a good place to start.

    Tell them you’d rather eat whole foods rather than take supplements (even if you don’t care, they’re there to make money, not provide a service). They *should* have a naturopath on staff or at least someone who attends conferences.

    You’re getting at least 2 tsp EVOO or other healthy oil, right? That’s the MINIMUM a person should get.

    • I cook with EVOO and put it on the salads I eat with dinner every night so I’m pretty sure I’m getting enough of that. I’ll have to look into the health food store. I think there’s a local one around here.

  2. Jeez – she should rethink her career.

    There’s an idea in the law that when you talk to your doctor, you are telling the truth so you can use those statements even if they are hearsay. But my guess is that a lot of people lie about how much they exercise.

    • Oh yeah, I’m sure she’s used to people telling lies about how much they exercise. I got really irritated because I was obviously trying to ask her for help, and she was so convinced I was not telling the truth that she completely failed at her job.

      My husband jokes that when I get upset, I have to reign in “The Hulk.” I told him that night that The Hulk almost slipped out in public. 🙂

  3. “I run 20 miles a week. My marriage might fall apart if I spend any more time exercising.” Lol – hilarious. In all seriousness, if you’re eating well and exercising that much, I’d say not to worry much about your HDL. 🙂

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