2010 Goals

Rather than do a separate post for my reading, exercising, etc goals this year, I will do one post to rule them all.  So here goes:

Reading Goals.

  1. Do not sign up for any reading challenges.  Reading is for FUN.  Keep it that way.
  2. Do not read more than two books in a row by any author.   Variety is the spice of life!

Running/Workout Goals.  These came about due to sloppy training and a slight injury I’ve been dealing with for a week now.  My right IT band (runs from your outer hip to your knee) has been really tight and was causing pain for a few days last week.  I think the problem was due to not enough cross-training, strenth training, or stretching and ramping up my weekly mileage too fast.  Swimming, yoga, and strength training this week have helped it feel a lot better.  I will try to run again next week.  At least I picked a really cold week to be doing indoor workouts.

  1. Do IT Band stretches every day so I can keep running without injury.
  2. Swim, elliptical, or bike twice a week.
  3. Aim to do strength training 2-3 days a week, incoporating core, lower body, and upper body work.
  4. Yoga once or twice a week.
  5. Write my workout schedule in my calendar every week to make sure I fit everything in.

Other Goals.

  1. Make my house feel more like a home by decorating and organizing.
  2. Take more pictures.
  3. Visit my friends in Raleigh more.  I only went once this year, and that was not enough.

What are your goals?  I’m not calling them resolutions because they are not empty promises that I will give up on by February (like the people crowding my gym right now).


6 thoughts on “2010 Goals

  1. Great Goals all around!

    I haven’t posted my reading goals for this year yet, because I’m still debating them. I hit 100 last year and I sort of want to take it easy this year and read quality and fun books over quantity. 🙂

    I have big goals for home organizing/decorating as well. Trying to de-clutter, organize, and buy a few key things that will make it nicer/cozier.

  2. Love these, especially the part about no reading challenges…well, and the one about switching authors. I can get compulsive and while it may be enjoyable at the time, I won’t recall which book is which; ie: Pratchet’s Discworld.

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