10K Race Report

I forgot to post a race report from last week!  I’m going to be lazy and copy and paste the report I posted in the Ravelry running group here.  A picture will come soon when I remember to load the ones I have on my camera onto my computer.

I did the Turkey Trot 10K in Virginia Beach. Last week, all participants were sent an email urging them to use early packet pick-up because there were over 2000 people signed up! The process of picking up the bibs and shirts was a little crazy because I don’t think they were expecting that kind of volume. Last year, there were a lot fewer participants.

Unlike my first 5K in October, I actually slept on Wednesday night. Somewhere on the Ravelry running forum I had read that you should not get upset about not sleeping because you’ll still be able to run as long as you have been sleeping well otherwise. Somehow knowing this helped me to fall asleep because I wasn’t worried about it!

We got to the race about an hour early because we were worried about parking so we had to stand around for a while. I started to get a little nervous, but my two friends that were also running that day were chatting so I tried to keep my mind off of the long wait. The start line was a bit congested because there were so many people, but things got along pretty smoothly. One of my friends is a seasoned runner so she ran ahead of us. I could tell that the friend who was running with me was itching to go faster around mile 3 so I told her to go ahead. I was really wanting to stop and walk at that point, but being able to slow down a bit and not have to worry about holding my friend back helped me to keep running.

The second half of the race was on Mount Trashmore, a park with a paved trail. There were times when passing was difficult because of the narrow trail, but at that point people were more spread out into their pace groups. I ended up looking at a very hairy neck for a while because I was too tired to pass, and we were running at the same pace. I was glad to get my second wind and pass him. 🙂 I was so glad to finally spot the finish line. All I was thinking about was what I was going to eat that night at dinner! Since I was the last of my friends to finish, I got a cheering section at the end so that was fun. The crowd didn’t seem to be into cheering for anyone but their people so it was a treat. Krispy Kreme was a sponsor so I enjoyed a glazed donut on the way to the car.

A few gripes: the woman who flat out stopped in the middle of the road to tie her shoes. I almost crashed into her. Second, the group of girls who were so committed to running 4 in a row that they almost ran me off the trail near the end.

Overall, it was a great first 10K experience! I didn’t have to stop and walk at all. My chip time was 1:17.


3 thoughts on “10K Race Report

  1. Awesome! I’ve used someone that I don’t know as a “pacer” before — though I usually get motivated more by a cute girl than some dude’s hairy back…:)
    I also like that little extra rush of adrenaline you get when you see the finish line!

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