Sprints are evil.

My training for the 10K is continuing nicely.  A friend sent me a training plan that incorporates sprinting days to work different muscles and help up my base running speed.  Yesterday was my first day of sprints, and it was just as hellish as I expected it to be.  I did 4 400 meter sprints with 200 meter walks between them.  I should really say that I tried to do that.  The last two sprints were probably closer to 300 meters.  I am just not a sprinter.  I enjoy my long slow runs.

At least I have a goal for my sprinting days.  I can’t expect to breeze through them on my first try.  My legs are sore today, which is a good sign that I’m working my muscles in a different way since I haven’t had any soreness since I first started training.


2 thoughts on “Sprints are evil.

  1. So I read the title of this post and thought it said “Spirits are Evil” and I thought, well yeah, that makes sense. Then I kept reading waiting for the ghosts. When none showed up I re-read the title and realized my mistake.

    • Oh yes, sprints are evil…and sprinting hills are the spawn of Satan!
      You might try slowing your pace just a touch. Completing all of the runs at a reduced pace is probably better and safer than pushing too hard and not finishing the entire workload.

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