Confession Review: Texas Rain

texasrainI will argue any day for everyone’s right to read whatever they want without the “literary police” making them feel bad for it.  However, I don’t really extend that to myself so I stay away from the romance section and roll my eyes at the cheesy covers.  One of my librarian friends convinced me to try this western romance series by Jodi Thomas so I broke down and checked the trilogy out from the library.  With shifty eyes, I tossed them into my bag and snuck them out of the library under cover.  You’ll notice that I conveniently forgot to put this book in my “Currently Reading” space on the sidebar.

I was pleasantly surprised with Texas Rain.  Once you get past the cheesy romance cover art and title, Jodi Thomas is a good writer.  I like the Old West setting, and there was a lot more to the book than just romance.  There were no heaving bosoms or swollen members so I didn’t need to cringe while reading it.  I liked it in the way that I like The Luxe series.  Lots of melodrama in a fun historical setting.

The main characters, Travis and Rainey, were nicely written.  Travis is your typical tall, dark, and silent Texas ranger, and Rainey was an independent woman on the run from a domineering father.  Thomas spent some time at the beginning of the novel describing Travis’s tragic family history, leaving him, two brothers and a sister, Sage, to fend for themselves.  The rest of the series is about his other family members on the Whispering Mountain ranch.  There was a lot of action and many close brushes with outlaws.  I enjoyed the setting of Austin in the 1850’s.  Luckily for me, Thomas has written a lot of Old West romances.

My main beef with this book is the need for better editing.  There were more typos than I’m used to in books, and it pulls me out of the story to have to go back and figure out what word the author really meant.

Learn a lesson from me.  Get off your high horse and try a book you think you won’t like.  Download it to your Kindle or transport it home under cover like I did.  You just might find out that you like it!  Remember that Jane Austen was a cheesy romance writer in her time.


3 thoughts on “Confession Review: Texas Rain

  1. [this is good]

    I’m a romance reader, but I’ll be the first to admit that I hide the books in my bedroom 🙂 I don’t like people making fun of me for the covers and reading the back synopsis with a breathy voice.

    • I understand. 🙂 I wouldn’t have taken this one out in public to read. If the covers weren’t so horrible, it would be different. Keeping your reading secret could be one advantage of e-readers I guess.

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