Twenties Girl

TwentiesGirlEvery once in a while, I’m in the mood for some fluffy chick lit.  Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorites for this type of book, but I’ve tired of her Shopaholic series.  I was glad to hear about her coming out with another stand alone title.  Twenties Girl is about Lara, a woman obsessed with her ex-boyfriend who can see her great aunt’s ghost.  The ghost is her great aunt Sadie as a flapper in the 20s.  I didn’t realize that the book was a ghost story until I started reading it, and I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t take place in the time period.  As far as chick lit goes, this was pretty good.  Like Kinsella’s most popular character, Becky Bloomwood, Lara is a bit dimwitted, and I think I’m getting over this type of protagonist.  I have trouble having sympathy for stupid girls who can’t seem to take care of themselves.  This probably has something to do with me getting older and not having much in common with adult women who act like teenagers.

The story was interesting, and Sadie really makes the book worth reading.  I love that she is so empowered and doesn’t understand Lara’s obsession with a man who obviously does not love her back.  The love story that develops in the novel is nice, but Kinsella really stretched this story out a bit longer than needed.  A cute story about a ghost who helps her great niece find love does not need to be over 400 pages long.  Someone needs to hone their editing skills.
Even though I have a few gripes about Twenties Girl, it is still worth reading if you’re looking for a nice light read with a bit of quirkiness.

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