Countdown to 10K – Making progress!

This Saturday, I ran the Race for the Cure 5K with a friend, and it was a really good experience to learn how races work since I’ve never run one before.  The only problem was that the course was actually 1.6 miles, which is only half of a 5K, the advertised length.  I was disappointed since I trained for a 5K, but I contributed money to breast cancer research and ran in memory of my grandmother so it was well worth it.

My friend decided after the race that she is going to do the 10K race on Thanksgiving Day (the Turkey Trot) with me.  At first I was a little worried because she runs faster than me, and I had a hard time keeping up with her on Saturday.  Apparently, because she has been training with her husband, she runs faster but has no endurance.  We ran this morning before work, and she followed my pace and liked it a lot better than hers.  I’m glad to have a training partner, and I’m looking forward to our runs.  We both agreed that we wouldn’t have made ourselves get out of bed early on a cold morning like today if someone wasn’t counting on us to get up.  I’m also going to try to add one day per week of cross-training because I should be doing more than just running.

Today, we ran 3 miles, but last week I ran 3.75 so I’m on my way!


One thought on “Countdown to 10K – Making progress!

  1. I’m sorry it was a short run for you but GLAD that you got the experience, helped a good cause and had a “spotter.” 🙂

    When I ran my 5k (only 1, baby! I swore I’d do it and I did ;p), it was a full one and to my horror: steep hills. The original course was flattish and the day of the race they changed it for some reason. Gnarly!

    It’s SUPER that you have a partner for training and for meets! Keep up the good work 🙂

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