Bright Star

bright_star_poster-350x520Somehow the existence of Bright Star – a movie about Keats’s three year romance with Fanny Brawne – escaped me until one of my knitty friends suggested we go see it at the Naro, an independent movie theater in Norfolk, VA.

It was such a beautiful movie!  Now I want to go out and pick up a collection of poetry by Keats.  There’s just something about unrequited love that makes for a good movie.  I’m really excited that the soundtrack includes recitations of poetry by the lead actor.  I am going to use an iTunes gift card from my brother to buy it. 


3 thoughts on “Bright Star

  1. One of the best dramas I’ve seen all year! The cast was amazing, and the music haunting. You should check out the film Bright Star’s official site, where they’ve announced the Love Letter Contest. Those who enter will have to submit a hand-made love letter or love tweet for their chance to win two unique diamonds from A Diamond Is Forever. Find more details here:
    Follow Keat’s Tweets here:
    I’m glad Jane Campion decided to step back into the director’s chair for this one. I don’t think anyone else could have captured the heart of the story like her.

  2. I had every intention of renting this – because I don’t have anyone to go see it with me – and now I’m *really* excited! The lead actor was in a movie I was really surprised and pleased with, “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” so I was anxious to see him again. Didn’t even imagine that the soundtrack would be good 🙂

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