Countdown to 10K – New Kicks

Did you notice that the title of this post says 10K?  That’s because I’ve run around 3 miles the past three times I’ve been running so I have a new goal!  Wednesday I ran 3.25 miles, and today I ran 3 miles.

I finally bit the bullet and went to Running, Etc. at Hilltop in Virginia Beach.  I’m not sure what kept me from going for so long because the staff was really knowledgeable and enthusiastic about my running goals.  They had me jog in my old shoes, without shoes, and then with a few different pairs on until I decided which ones were most comfortable.  I ended up with a pair of Saucony motion control shoes, and I could definitely feel the difference during after my run today.  My feet and knees were not sore.  Apparently, my old shoes hurt me because they were too small for running in addition to the fact that they weren’t made for over-pronators. Before, my feet would roll inward, which was really hard on my knees, and now my shoes force my feet not to roll in.

I picked up a flyer for the Turkey Trot 10K while I was there so I just need to sign up and commit to it now!


3 thoughts on “Countdown to 10K – New Kicks

  1. I think the right pair of shoes can make ALL the difference, I’m so glad you got good help at that shop 🙂 I’m googling those shoes you mentioned!

    • Yes, the shoes have made a huge difference. Apparently, I have been buying my running shoes a full size too small because you’re supposed to have a lot of breathing room for your toes since your feet expand when running.

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