Countdown to 5K – Confidence Restored

My last post was a bit of a downer because Thursday I had my first run where I didn’t meet my goal.  Well, several factors combined made me have my best run so far today! I ran 2.9 miles, almost a mile more than I’ve been running.

  1. I had 3 days of rest, which is the longest I’ve gone without running since I started training for the 5K.  I really think this was a huge factor.  I need to remember not to wear myself out.  Now I know I can run a 5K since I was just .2 miles short, and I could have gone further if I knew that I was just short of the full distance.  I’m feeling much more hopeful about the 10K on Thanksgiving Day.
  2. I bought Single Ladies by Beyonce and some of the more upbeat Glee tracks on iTunes.  I was way into the music since I love the show, and that really made me want to keep moving.  I will need to run some without music since I won’t have my iPod for race day.  I needed the extra push today after being a little down about my run last Thursday though.
  3. I think I run much better after work because I’m not hungry.
  4. It was much cooler and not humid at all this afternoon.

I still haven’t been to the running store to get new shoes.  Hopefully, I will get that done soon.  I know the shoes I’m wearing are not the best for my flat feet.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll give another update Wednesday evening after my next run.


5 thoughts on “Countdown to 5K – Confidence Restored

  1. Excellent!! DEFINITELY go and get new shoes — and get them broken in before the race — that’ll make a ton of difference. I always liked to run after work too — early morning is tough. A half cup of coffee about 30-45 minutes was a little boost too.

    • Yeah, I think if I run in the morning, I have to get up early enough to have a little caffeine and something to eat first so I’ll probably try to stick to evenings now that it’s starting to be cooler after work.

  2. Go you! That is awesome. You will totally be ready for the Komen 5K.

    Are you choosing not to use your iPod during the race or is it a rule from registration? I have to admit, I have always ignored those race rules about no earphones and worn my iPod anyway!

    • It is a rule, but I’m running the race with a friend so I don’t want to have my iPod with me and ignore her. I might use it for the 10K if she doesn’t do that one with me. She hasn’t run in over 2 weeks so I’m wondering if she’ll be ready for a 10K by Thanksgiving.

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