Slow and steady wins the race?

I have signed up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K on 10/17/09 in Virginia Beach. A few weeks ago I started “training,” which consists of running as long as possible without puking. Now I’m up to 2 miles so I only have 1.1 to go to be able to complete a 5K. I figured out that I’m running a 12.5 minute mile. I asked Dan – the husband – was that horrible, and he said, “Well, you won’t be in the Olympics anytime soon.” Hopefully that isn’t too bad for a beginner.

I would like to also be able to run a 10K on Thanksgiving morning so I hope to work up to 6.2 miles by then.  I have a buddy who is going to do these with me as we are at about the same level of fitness.

I have been remiss about blogging lately so I will document my efforts to finish a 10K here.

My first need is a new pair of running shoes.  I have very flat feet so I need shoes that are made for my duck feet.  A friend who runs marathons told me that the right shoes should solve my foot pain problems.  I need to go to one of those running stores where you run on a treadmill and they tell you what shoes you need, but I’m a bit shy about going into one of those stores not being much of a runner.

One very positive thing is that my move from Raleigh, NC to Virginia Beach means starting to run is MUCH easier. There are no hills in this area other than Mount Trashmore, which is – as you might imagine – man made.

My next run is tomorrow so I’ll be back to report!


3 thoughts on “Slow and steady wins the race?

  1. Good on you!

    I decided to train to run a 5k back when I was 29. A friend asked me, “Hey did you run a 5K yet?” because I had APPARENTLY made a vow to do one years earlier (“Before I’m 30, I’ll…”).

    I, too, decided to go with SGK and proudly wore my family members names on my number 🙂

    My coworkers were very supportive and I had 88 signatures from them on my t-shirt. Shortly after running it, one of those coworkers got breast cancer. She survived and we’ve had that bond since then. She remembered me doing it before she got it. It’s a great thing to rally around!

    • That’s funny because I’m 29, and this will be my first 5K. Actually, I will be 30 by the time the race rolls around. I kind of like the fact that I’ll be running my first 5K at 30.
      I’ll be running in my grandmother’s memory. She died of breast cancer when I was in college.

      • It’s a beautiful thing you’re doing.

        My grandmother raised me (the only grandparent I had/ knew) and I know how it impacted my life when she passed.

        I’m sorry you lost yours and I’m glad to see you’re honoring her in your way.

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