Hello, I’m alive.

I haven't been posting here because it has gotten to be a real pain.  Vox loads so slowly that I don't even want to attempt posting. Half the time I have to retype a post that got screwed up because I tried to add a picture, and typing in Word makes it look funky once I paste it. 

I have not decided whether I'm definitely leaving Vox, but I plan to continue to read and comment on neighbors posts while I try out WordPress.  I will still read my neighborhood even if I decide to move my blog somewhere else.  If you are interested in following my blog there, here is the address.

It was a tough decision to try another platform because I love the social aspect here on Vox, but I'm going to try something else and see how it goes. 

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4 thoughts on “Hello, I’m alive.

  1. Oof — I'll definitely add you to my google-reader. I've gone back and forth about vox — everytime I think about leaving, I think it gets a little better. And I still like the tiered privacy feature.I've solved the vox "create" issues by pre-loading pics into my library, and writing in word, but cutting and pasting as a text-doc — that way none of the Word formatting gets carried over.

  2. I added you to my neighborhood and then read this post. But I'll add you to my google reader. The thing I don't like about vox is that outsiders can't comment. It seems off-putting to non-vox users. But I think that if I left I would feel pressure to post more and I'm not ready for that.

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