Things and stuff.

At some point, I hope to post regularly again, but I'll do one of these bullet point things for now.

  • We are officially moved into the house.  It's great!  The best thing about it is the quiet.  No more bass coming from our neighbors apartments.  Our neighbors all look like they are probably on social security, and that is just fine with me.
  • On the fourth night in the house, I walked into a cabinet door in my beautiful new kitchen and broke it.  I was truly devastated, but the sellers were great in leaving us all paperwork so we found the model number and have ordered a replacement from Lowe's.  The lady there was awesome.  She actually remembered them ordering the cabinets.  I think she's going to get them to give it to us free because it shouldn't have broken so easily. 
  • I have reduced my caffeine intake to one can of diet coke a day.  Hopefully, this will help me sleep better.
  • I lost 3 pounds the week of moving.  That's awesome because I gained two while packing and shopping for the house.
  • I finally finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, and is was meh.  I feel that way about most Oprah books so I'm not surprised.
  • I got stung by jellyfish twice on Sunday, and the stings don't bother me much, apparently.  It stung for a few minutes and then went away.
  • I had a library tour with 19 kids today, and it went well. 
  • I just saw a kid walk by on a leash.  I really don't understand those, but maybe I'll get one for Dan to keep him in line.

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8 thoughts on “Things and stuff.

  1. "I just saw a kid walk by on a leash. I really don't understand those, but maybe I'll get one for Dan to keep him in line."HAhahahaha! I don't understand them either – other than in a large amusement park where there are a MILLION kids and turn your back means loosing your mind.

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