Things on Tuesday


  • Screaming kids in the library.
  • Adults who let their kids scream in the library.
  • Cell phones ringing in the library.
  • Our network came to a screaching halt when too many employees were watching the MJ memorial online.  I wonder how the taxpayers would like that if they knew it.  I was trying to do actual work and couldn't get logged into a computer to do it.


  • I had a great July 4th weekend with my two best friends who came to visit from Raleigh. Two days on the beach and a fun cookout.
  • I took my friends to see the house, and the sellers have moved out so we walked around the yard.  I found a gardenia bush by the front porch.  Yay!
  • We finally got new employees for 4 positions that had been empty for a really long time.  We are almost fully staffed.
  • Since we are getting new people, I get to change my schedule to a better one and stick one of the newbies with my old schedule.



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One thought on “Things on Tuesday

  1. Geez – screaming kids at the library? What on earth are they thinking?!? Ugh. I could rant about irresponsible parents but I'll save it for another day.
    Sounds like a great weekend – yay!

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