Things on Tuesday


  • It's the perfect dark and stormy night to snuggle up with a book on the couch, but I'm a work.
  • Cable news channels.  Dan watches them in the morning, and they just make me mad.  American Idol is not news!


  • We had our home inspection this morning, and there were only minor things on it, like a door that needs to be adjusted and a piece of loose siding. 
  • We will not be getting cable when we move so there will be no more cable news to watch.
  • The Sims 3.  I broke down and bought it, and it is an improvement.  No more loading screens when your Sim needs to go out of the house.
  • Maybe the storm will knock the power out to the library, and I can go home!  This is a long shot, I realize.

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2 thoughts on “Things on Tuesday

  1. BLARGH, cable news channels drive me insane. Brian watches them a lot, and even when they're reporting on actual news-worthy crap, it makes me want to jam something into my ears.

  2. I am so glad to see someone else talking about the sims 3! I am really enjoying it… as are my kids… so I am doing alot of sharing.

    I got rid of our cable about a month ago. We are adjusting pretty easily since most shows you can watch on hulu.
    The only channel they miss is G4 (its a gaming channel if you are not familiar with it).

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