Playing the waiting game.

We made an offer on a house last night so we are waiting to hear from the sellers.  We know that we are the only people making an offer and that the house has been on the market for over 3 months.  So we're probably going to get it as long as we can come to a good number.

The frustrating thing is that we know they are not going to accept our first offer because we offered low on purpose.  Why does it have to be that hard?  We know about what they'll probably take for it, and we know that we are willing to pay that as long as they pay our closing costs.  Sometimes the middle man (our agents) seems to make things harder.  BUT I would never do this without an agent because I'd be so stressed out trying to do it myself.

So now I get to wait around and jump everytime my cell phone vibrates.

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5 thoughts on “Playing the waiting game.

  1. They got out-bid on their love and then are now hoping they get out-bid on the 2nd one because it turns out the first one… something happened. That's why it's months ;p

  2. Yes, it is a huge decision so that's the hard part. We are really happy with our agent. My complaint isn't with her, it's with the process in general.
    Since I used to work in mortgages before becoming a librarian, at least I know more about the process than most people. That makes things easier b/c I can explain things to Dan in layman's terms.

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