I’m still here! and Coldplay pics.

This house hunting thing has taken over my life so I've been slack about stopping by the 'hood.  Here are some pictures from a Coldplay concert we went to two weeks ago.  All I can say is to buy tickets if they are coming anywhere near you because the show was amazing!  Their new album really lends itself to a live performance, and they played pretty much the whole thing.

One funny thing was the Navy flyovers during the performance.  They weren't really noticeable during most songs, but during Fix You, Chris Martin just started giggling because the jets drowned him out. He recovered and worked it into the song with a lyric about the Air Force flying in or some such thing.  This proved my point to Dan about why we are not looking at houses in jet noise zones at the beach.  If they can drown out a concert, you don't want them over your house. 

We had really good seats, which you can't tell from these blurry pictures from my point and shoot camera.  I've seen them before, but from the lawn.  This time we decided to splurge on seats under the cover, and it was really worth it since we are such big fans of the band.  I've been to a lot of concerts so I don't really get that excited about them anymore, but when the band came out on the stage, I was so excited I couldn't contain it!  So much fun!  They came out into the audience twice, which was really cool.  I hope they come out with a DVD from this tour. 

Pete Yorn was the opening act, and he was really, really good too.



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3 thoughts on “I’m still here! and Coldplay pics.

  1. It's funny — one of the places I used to work was in the flight path of a Marine Air Base. When we would have a meeting, we'd just have to take a little (like 5-10 sec) "break" for the Sound of Freedom to go past.Glad you liked the show!

  2. I think until Dan heard the jet noise for himself, he thought I was being too picky. He understands now! I know people here who do live in the zones with noise, and they say you just have to stop phone calls for a few seconds when one flies over because you can't hear a thing.

  3. I saw a Coldplay concert the other day on the Palladia music channel, and it made me think of you! It must have been from the same tour because they played some new songs (from their latest album, I think).We live in a noise/crash zone and sometimes it's really bad. Mainly at night when you're trying to fall asleep and they're flying over and over. That doesn't happen every night, though. During the day, it's not so bad unless the TV is off. But when I lived in Norfolk, I was close to the airport, so I think I'm accustomed to tuning out the noise, for the most part. 🙂

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