Need book recommendations?

I'm part of a blog put out by my library system that posts reading recommendations.  If you're interested, the link is:

We're just starting to post regularly because we finally got permission from the library to do it officially.  My week will start June 22.  Reviews of Unwind and Monsters of Templeton are already there.  If you read this blog, they will look familiar because they are just rewritten from here.

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5 thoughts on “Need book recommendations?

  1. Are you guys gonna recommend children's books? (I'll go look in a second) I would LOVE some recommendations about books that are challenging but entertaining. I'm frustrated with AR books. I've got a kid that likes to read and it feels like if he only HAS to read only AR, he's gonna stop enjoying to as much. Like Dear Dumb Diary..he loves them, devours them, but they aren't AR so, apparently, they don't "count". I want to make sure he's got plenty of books that count or don't count, to read over the summer.

  2. It will be a mix of different types of reviews. I know one or two of the youth librarians is joining the blog so they will probably post reviews for younger audiences.
    You can use NoveList (a database we have and I'm sure Chesapeake does too) to find recommendations based of age and things he's enjoyed already. They have all kinds of lists for children's books. I bet your school librarian would know about it.

  3. Jamie,
    I had the same issues with the AR system. I think it's good incentive for kids who struggle with reading or who wont read on their own, but for kids who are strong readers and those who love to read books that are not on the AR list… they end up reading less.
    Good luck!

  4. What a neat idea! I bookmarked it. I looked through some of what was already on their and I saw a few I am going to check if they have at my local library. Thanks for sharing!

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