Brits v Yanks

The Guardian has an interesting article about British thriller writers trying to pull people away from the formulaic American writers like James Patterson, Dan Brown (puke), and Grisham.  It's obviously a publicity stunt, but I happen to agree with them that the thriller mill of the US – not that there aren't good US thriller writers of course - is tiring and uninteresting, especially when it gets to the point of authors using ghostwriters.  coughcough Patterson coughcough

I know I complain about Patterson a lot here, but that's because I'm faced with people at the library every day that will get on a 400 person long wait list for a Patterson book, but don't want me to suggest other authors while they wait for his.  There is SO MUCH good stuff out there with writing a thousand times better than his, and they are fine with whatever he and his ghostwriter put out.

British thriller writers mount challenge to US 'production line'

The five principles of the Curzon group

1. That the first duty of any book is to entertain.

2. That a book should reflect the world around it.

3. That thrilling, popular fiction doesn't follow formulas.

4. That every story should be an adventure for both the writer and the reader.

5. That stylish, witty, and insightful writing can be combined with edge-of-the seat excitement.

Here's the link to their website:

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2 thoughts on “Brits v Yanks

  1. People don't want suggestions for in the mean time??? How bizarre! I love finding new authors and stories!
    I am going to check out the link! Right now!

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