Advice please.

We are tired of paying for cable because the only shows we watch that we are caught up to the current season on are:


How I Met Your Mother

Big Bang Theory

New Adventures of Old Christine

Heroes (Dan)


The Tudors

So the only one of these we can't watch free online or by antenna is The Tudors.  If I must watch this as it comes out, I can do so from iTunes for much cheaper than our cable subscription.  When you work out the time it takes to watch these shows, we are paying about $15 per hour for what we watch.  That is ridiculous when I find myself reading, crocheting, watching Netflix Instant Watching, or playing Xbox 360 with most of my "fun" time.  Dan uses his time reading, watching Netflix, losing to me on Rock Band, or playing WoW.

Now the advice…

Has anyone had experience with hooking up a laptop to a TV?  We have a nice TV, and I really would rather watch TV there if I buy something on iTunes or stream it online.  Is this difficult?  I know the video quality might not be perfect, but we're OK with that.

If it helps, I have a 15" Aluminum PowerBook G4 PowerPC, in case anyone has experience with that computer.


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5 thoughts on “Advice please.

  1. We have a TV attached to a computer in the living room. Our TV has an RGB input, so all I had to do was get an RGB cable for it and plug it in as an external monitor. I set it up for watching videos and it does a good job. My laptop has a video out – the yellow composite cable. I've not attached it to see what it looks like, but I'm sure it's probably fine. It's not difficult, especially if your TV has the right inputs and your PC has the right outputs. If you get it hooked up and it looks okay, you can go the next step and get a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse and you can use them from across the room to connect.

  2. We hooked up my boyfriend's PowerBook to our TV–if I remember right, we had to buy either a cable or adapter to make it work. I'll check with him since I can't remember for sure at the moment. It worked really well once it was hooked up–we just mirrored the displays so that everything could be controlled through the laptop since we don't have an external keyboard or mouse.

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