Things on Tuesday


  • One of my coworkers does nothing but complain all the time, and I am losing patience with this.
  • The city will not be giving cost of living raises this year.


  • The city will not need to do layoffs.  This makes the no raise situation much more palatable.  At least I have a job.
  • Coldplay concert in May!
  • Rock Band 2 – SOOO fun.
  • I'm almost done with the Murakami book.  It is getting really gripping near the end.
  • Once I finish it, I have two Sookie Stackhouse books on my nightstand from the library!
  • I ran for 25 minutes at the gym yesterday – a personal record for this non-runner.  I guess I should say it was really a slow jog.  Better than nothing, right?
  • Doctor Who – Just finished Season 1.  Can't wait to start the next one, but will miss Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.

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