Fun Weekend

This weekend, my best bud from Raleigh came to visit me in Virginia Beach.  We went to eat at my cousin's deli before meeting up with one of my librarian friends and going down to the Oceanfront area to walk the boardwalk.  I think we walked about 4 miles total.  Not knowing that we would walk this far, I did a tough lower body workout at the gym Saturday morning in preparation for eating bad food while she was here.  I could barely get out of bed this morning.  We did some touristy stuff on the boardwalk like taking pictures with Neptune.

For dinner, I made homemade pizza from a Splendid Table recipe.  By the way, if you love to cook and don't listen to the Splendid Table podcast (or old school on the radio), you are missing out.  I would have taken pictures, but I never know how to explain to guests why I'm photographing our food… After dinner, we went to get Gelato, which was delicious of course.

I just bought Rock Band so we played that until way after my bedtime and then passed out and slept in.  It was a great weekend!  I just wish it wasn't over so fast. 

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5 thoughts on “Fun Weekend

  1. Who knows! The funny thing is that we all love it. There is a couple we hang out with and Dan and the male half of the couple both love it. We gals love it because it is the only video game where we are better than them. In games like Halo, I end up spinning around looking at the ceiling while Dan yells, "He's right behind you!"

  2. I can't believe how big King Neptune is. I wanted to climb up and sit on the turtle for a pic, but I'm pretty sure that would be against the rules. I'd also probably fall and break something since I'm a klutz.

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