Vox Hunt: Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month. Show us a woman in history who has inspired you.

Alia Muhammad Baker, better known as the Librarian of Basra, risked her life to save 30,000 books in her library during the Iraq War.

From Bella Online:
When government offices moved into the library and an anti-aircraft gun
was placed on the roof, Mrs. Baker started smuggling as many books as
her car would hold home every evening. When the British invaded Basra,
the government employees left and the library furnishings were looted.
Mrs. Baker convinced the owner of the restaurant next door to library
for help, and soon neighbors pitched in to help passing books over the
wall to safe storage in the restaurant's dining room. The library was
burned down before all the books could be saved, but due to Mrs.
Baker's efforts, 30,000 books were saved. Once things calmed down in
Basra, Mrs. Baker and her husband rented a truck and distributed the
books among library employees, friends, and of course, their own home.
The library was rebuilt and reopened in 2004 and Mrs. Baker was
reinstated as chief librarian.

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