Pay your taxes and shut up.

Neighborhood only because I'm bitching about the city I work for.

So here's the thing.  One of the phrases we public librarians (and other government employees) hear all the time is "my taxes pay your salary."  In actuallity, you probably pay about $0.02 of my salary, but that's another rant.  As soon as we have to reduce services because we don't have enough money from taxes, some citizens complain but are still not willing to pay more for those services.  My experience is that the loudest complainers are the cheapest ones.

We are dealing with budget cuts and a hiring freeze right now.  Two of the three employees that staff our computer lab have resigned during this hiring freeze, and we have not been able to replace them.  Because we also have open positions on the reference staff, we have not been able to fill all the gaps they have left in the computer lab schedule.  What this has meant is that we have had to close the lab for a few hours at a time when there is no one to staff it.  Keep in mind that there are other computers in the library that can be used so we are not keeping people from accessing computers entirely when we close the lab.  Our hope was that someone would send a letter to City Council or the Mayor and they might put some pressure on library administration to staff the lab.

What really happened is that a customer sent a letter to the mayor, and the mayor told our director that we are not allowed to close the lab.  Then our director told us not to close the lab, but is not offering to let us open either of these positions.  ARGH!  So we are scrambling to find people to fill these hours in the lab, which is leaving the Children's Desk understaffed.  Once the Summer Reading Program starts, it will be like a madhouse in that department with not enough people to deal with it.

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