Busy library day.



In our library, we get two groups of mentally disabled people (is that the correct term?).  One is more severely handicapped than the other.  Today, they are both here at the same time. 


One autistic boy is also here that comes in and watches porn on the computer in the teen section (a place were that stuff is prohibited*).  It is also next to the picture books.  Joy.

Of course the "caregivers" who are supposed to be watching all these people are on the internet ignoring them.  That means I have to come get them and say, "Excuse me, Jon (not real name) is watching porn in the teen section again."  "Excuse me, Dave (not real name) is groaning really load and scaring children in the picture books."


Also there are storytimes today so the upstairs desk is a little crazy right now.  Plus there are a few homeless people hanging out trying to sleep while one of the people from the groups is groaning constantly. 


The parents are all looking around warily.  Ah the joys of public libraries.

*Yes, there is a place where you are allowed to watch porn in the library.

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11 thoughts on “Busy library day.

  1. There is no place that's made specifically to watch porn. We have unfiltered computers where you can look at anything (legal) that you want to. The monitors are recessed under the desk so you are the only one who can see the screen. For the most part, people don't watch porn at the library, but there are a few that do.

  2. Well, it actually is nice for those who like to work on their taxes, job applications, or other personal stuff. There are also legitimate non-porn web searches that are sometimes filtered on the other computers (breast cancer, sex education).

  3. Yes, there are lots of reasons someone might want a screen that is private.And people can look at whatever they want.Seriously, as long as it is not illegal, who cares.(And yes, there is no porn screening program that doesn't filter perfectly innocuous stuff.)But I would rather they didn't scare the children (!)

  4. hmmmm… I keep starting and erasing my comment. Porn thing would be a big issue for me, bad enough in the adult section (where teens and children still could walk by) but right in the teen section!! Isn't there anybody you can ask in advance to keep an eye on him specifically… or reserve him a computer in the adult section???
    2 groups and story times?! That would make for a very busy library!

  5. WOWIs there sound? *snort*We had a young man come into the library (academic library, he was mentally disabled) and he sat at one of the computers right beside the circ desk. He then started watching porn, while putting his hand down his pants….Ah…isn't it fun? 🙂

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