Cool new phone.

So I got my first smartish phone yesterday.  Basically, I wanted a phone with a camera and a QWERTY keyboard.  Dan and I both got LG EnV 2 phones.  He wasn't going to get one, but there was a special where if you bought one you got one free.  I got the red, and he got the black.  The EnV is Verizon and LG's answer to the Sidekick.  I like it.  It's small, has good call quality, and I can get online with it.  So far after about 24 hours, it's still going with the charge it had out of the box.  That's even after I played with the mobile internet a lot yesterday.  Google has a really nice mobile website I've played with a bit.

Now I can join in on all the mobloggin without hitting 3333 5555 and so on.

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