Reading update.

Here is an update on some books I've read recently.

The Green Mill Murder: A Phryne Fisher Mystery

Atmospheric Disturbances: A Novel

Oryx and Crake

Kerry Greenwood – Green Mill Murder – So far I haven't read a book in the Phryne Fisher series that I haven't loved.  This one is fun because she goes on an adventure in the mountains of Australia in her airplane.

Margaret Atwood – Oryx and Crake – This was for book club, which we had at our place tonight.  It is a post-apocalyptic book that takes place after a future where science and corporations control everything, and I really enjoyed it.  It goes back and forth to before and after the event to tell how it happened and what the world was like after.  One thing that was amazing was the scientific jargon she used and made up for the book.  She ripped most of it right out of today's headlines (like the neon green rabbit in the news a few years ago).  I definitely recommend this one, especially if you have a book club.  A funny sidenote about this is that we have read so many post-apocalyptic books in our book club that someone at our library thought that was the theme of our club.  She came up to one of us and said, "I read a really good book that you should read in your post-apocalyptic book club."  You probably could have that as a theme because there is so much out there in that genre, but we don't do it on purpose!

Rivka Galchen – Atmospheric Disturbances – I read this because I saw it on a few different Best of 2008 lists and thought the premise was interesting.  The main character is a psychologist who is convinced that his wife has been replaced by an impostor.  The book is about his efforts to find his "real" wife.  It ends up being a psychological study of Capgras delusion.  I liked the idea, and I think this new author has promise, but the book was excruciating to get through.  I've heard that a book about the same psychological disorder called The Echo Maker by Richard Powers is really good so I might pick that one up.  It won the National Book Award.

I'm currently reading Crime and Punishment for my 2009 reading challenge.


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2 thoughts on “Reading update.

  1. I loved Oryx and Crake. Atwood did a great job of setting up a different society, but not so different that you didn't recognize it. There were some amazingly creepy moments throughout.

  2. hi — i'm on the lookout for a mystery that involves triplets — wouldn't that be a gas? like sherlock holmes, where the only answer *must be* twins…. but then not. until the answer shows up as triplets. i just think that would be the most amazing story. i wonder if anybody's tried writing it? ask ms. librarian! thanks!

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