Library art.

A little girl came up to the reference desk today and said, "I made this picture for the library."  I hung it up in my cubicle.

Here is a bonus picture of my cubicle.  It is rather tiny, and we don't get computers on our desks.  We share workstations along the walls in the workroom.  Whoever designed the building didn't think reference librarians needed space in their workroom I guess.  We spend most of our time out at the public service desk anyway.  Click through to flickr for lots of notes about what's on my desk.

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14 thoughts on “Library art.

  1. LOVE the drawing! :)I would have imagined that librarians would need giant cubicles, not to mention a computer. Gah, you don't even get a computer???At least you are neat, though 🙂 I would have overrun that small space in mere minutes! There isn't even enough room to open a lunchbox on that thing!

  2. This makes me appreciate my office, even though it's always the exact opposite temperature you want it to be. ;)I am a reference librarian also, and I don't think I could handle having such a small space to work in! I like to spread out my projects. LOL

  3. I love this! I am a reading specialist, and I think I'll share the saying with my kids on Monday. One of my favorite posters is along the same line: "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body" :o)

  4. Congrats on making the front page of Vox – in Culture is Good. And yes, reading and eating are very similar. Except I cannot imagine going on a reading diet, and I need to go on an eating one right now!

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