Wellness Goals

The holiday season was not kind to my figure at all.  After weighing myself this morning, I needed a stiff drink.  Instead, I found www.joesgoals.com, which offers a simple way to visualize your goals.

My goals are:

  • Exercise 3 times per week.
  • Yoga 2 times per week.  I'm counting this as different from exercise because it's more for my well-being than losing weight or toning up.
  • Eat out no more than once a week.
  • Don't eat junk off the snack table in the workroom at the library.

So here is my chart so far.  I'll try to post this once a week to keep myself accountable.


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12 thoughts on “Wellness Goals

  1. ooh! ooh! I have to check this out, I just decided last night to make up a little chart/checklist for exercising. maybe this will work for me and I won't have to mess around making up my own. thanks and good luck to you!

  2. I loved this particular site because it is so simple if all you want to do is track how many times you do something per week. I also like the idea of plus one for a good thing and minus one for a bad thing.

  3. This is great! I am going to pass this site along to the Vox Fitness Challenge people. We are just in the process of starting up again….if you are interested in getting involved. Your goals seem perfectly inline with the purpose of the group which is wellness. Anyone is welcome!

  4. This is a great chart! It's a better resolution than saying you're going to lose x amount of pounds because you're taking it on a week to week basis. If one week you can't workout for whatever reason, you have the following week. Good luck!

  5. I used joesgoals the last time I realized I needed a little reinforcement (both positive and negative) to get back onto the right eating and exercising track. In fact, I think I need to start up again — I think we had the same holidays… 😉

  6. I do have a goal weight, but I'm trying to set action goals that I can do something about on a weekly basis. Sometimes, no matter how good I am, I don't lose weight or I only lose a fraction of a pound because I'm not terribly overweight. Just a bit bigger than I want to be now that I live at the beach!

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