Finally 50

48.  Kate Jacobs – The Friday Night Knitting Club – This was better than average fluff, but nothing special.  I did enjoy it and needed a tissue at the end.  I won’t say more than that to aviod spoilers.  I liked the way she talked about knitting throughout the book, and the relationships between the characters seemed genuine.

49.  Bill Willingham – Fables:  Arabian Nights (and Days) – This was probably my least favorite of this series.  The story wasn’t that interesting, and I didn’t really like the way the Arabian Fables were slaveholding, murderous villains that the Western Fables had to teach about civilized living. 

50.  Bill Willingham – Fables:  Wolves – Unlike Arabian Nights, this was one of my favorites.  The plot with Bigby, Mowgli, and Snow White is furthered in this installment.  Without saying too much, things I wanted to happen finally happened


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