Things on Tuesday

I haven't done this in a while so here goes.


  • Getting off work at 9 tonight and then riding for 9 hours in the car to Albany for Christmas.
  • I'm going to freeze my southern ass off while I'm there.  They don't know the meaning of HEAT there.
  • I've eaten way too much holiday food.  Can't wait to get back to normal eating.  I feel bloated.
  • In telephone reference, I had to explain why the Public Library does not accept telemarketing calls.  Dumbass.


  • 5 day vacation starts after work tonight!
  • I'll get to see SNOW for Christmas!
  • I'm almost done with the 50 in 365 challenge.
  • Dan got a full-time job at a medical school in the area doing the job he really wants to do.
  • Since we both work full-time now, we might actually be able to live in a house one day where we won't be able to hear our neighbors' bass.

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