John Hodgman on Rick Warren

John Hodgman (better known as the 'PC' in the Mac commercial) wrote an interesting post on Rick Warren, and I have to say I agree with his sentiments regarding Obama.  I know I have some very strong supporters of Obama in my neighborhood, but I'll say right now that I've had misgivings about him even while supporting him on election day.  He was the lesser of two evils, and not the almighty saviour of this nation some people think of him as.  There, I've said it.  I'm thrilled he was elected though because the alternative was truly terrifying.  I highly suggest checking out the whole post.  As a Jew and an emphatic supporter of full equal right for gays, I'm truly disappointed in his choice of Rick Warren.

THOSE OF US, however, who foolishly refused to take Obama at his word when he told us he didn’t support gay marriage OVER AND OVER AGAIN must now take him at his deed. He really, really doesn’t want gays to get married. SRSLY.

LOOK: my gut tells me that Obama likes and respects gay people and wants them to thrive in this country. I think he is tolerant by nature, as his patience with Wright and his embrace of Warren shows.

BUT AFTER MCCLURKIN and now Warren, it is hard not to conclude that Barack Obama is somewhat tone deaf when it comes to gay issues. And at this point, if he is interested in convincing us otherwise (and I’m not presuming he is), it will take more than a few words or a second pastor or some other symbolic gesture. It will take deeds.*

That is all.

Oh yeah, I loved this part too:

WHICH IS TO SAY: I would shake his hand. If I met him, I’d try to find some common ground, or at least keep the dinner party civil until dessert. I think there are lots of ways for Obama to do the same in his presidency.

BUT AS SOMEONE CLEVER on Twitter pointed out, I still wouldn’t invite him to sing at my wedding.

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One thought on “John Hodgman on Rick Warren

  1. Mmm, I have tons of misgivings about Obama, tons. He is the lesser of the two evils, but I still don't like him. The gay marriage thing isn't that important to me, but I can see how some may think it to be important. I guess.

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