Booking Through Thursday – Time

1. Do you get to read as much as you WANT to read?

No – Last night is a great example.  I really wanted to cuddle up with The Graveyard Book all evening, but we had plans with friends.  Damn our lively social life!  Also, having a job gets in the way, but it also allows me to eat and have shelter so I won't complain on that front too much.  It would be great if I didn't have to sleep.  That amounts to a wasted 8 hours every night!

2. If you had (magically) more time to read–what would you read? Something educational? Classic? Comfort Reading? Escapism? Magazines?

I already read from many genres so I would just read more of everything.  I'd probably be able to sneak in more nonfiction and magazines.

This BTT reminds me of my favorite scene from Saved by the Bell when Jesse gets addicted to "caffeine pills" (seems more like speed but whatever).  There's never any time!  I have to wash my hair!



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One thought on “Booking Through Thursday – Time

  1. I used to REALLY hate sleep. What a colossal waste of time! I'm still not too fond of it, but I certainly do require it. I think it would be worthwhile to work on audio books while I was sleeping, but only if I actually knew it would get absorbed.

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