Things on Tuesday


  • No matter what source you use to answer a bet settling reference question, some people will not believe you if you don't find the answer that makes them the winner.
  • Some students think it is my job to do all of their research for them.  Or think of a topic for them.  One kid came up and said, "I need to read a biography of an inspiring person."  Then looked at me blankly when I said, "OK, well, who inspires you?"


  • A kid ran up the stairs that bring them to eye level at the reference desk next to the children's section.  He pointed at me, and said, "Mommy, she is the one who shows you where everything is!"
  • I get five days off in a row due to the way Christmas falls.  The mayor gave the city the day after Christmas as a holiday at the last minute.
  • Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani.  I am reading this right now, and it is such a fun book.  I'm glad there are several sequals to it.

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One thought on “Things on Tuesday

  1. My friend set his students a photography project to produce images which represented their favourite book. Not only did most of them not even own any books, one person did it using his camera manual.

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